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How old are you? 27. My birthday is November 28th (Sagittarius).
Where are you from? Chicago\Midwest area.
What computer do you use? ASUS ROG Gaming Desktop. Get it here.
Do you still do promo? Yes. See info here. I also offer YouTube workshops and 1-on-1 help if you pledge to my $10 tier on Patreon -- you also get access to all my downloads and let's plays early.
How big is your Mods folder? 313 GB. I've been building my Mods folder since Spring 2020.
What mods do you use? See the full list of all the major and minor mods I use in my Sims 4 gameplay here.
Where do you get your CC from? Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, TSR, Simsdom or The Sims Resource (TSR) as a last resort option. Sometimes I literally Google search what I want (Exp. "Black Curly Afro Hair Sims 4").
Can I download your entire mods folder? No, that is not something I will ever make available. In the past, I have shared many different categorized folders for Hair, Furniture, Clothes, etc. Check out my Folder Downloads tab. 
Can I download the Cobbs Family? Any sims that are typically main characters in my Let's Play series are not up for download unless I decide to no longer proceed with the series. Background characters, townies, friends of main characters, etc. are available on the gallery (sierrathesimmer), my Patreon or check out my Sim Downloads tab.
Do you create custom sims? Yes. If you join my $5 tier or higher on Patreon. I will create one custom sim per month you pledge.
Where can I find all your socials? Find the link to all my gaming socials here.
How do you record and edit your videos? OBS Studio to record, Filmora to edit and Canva to create my thumbnails.
What reshade preset do you use? View a list of my favorite reshades here. 
The reshade I currently use is 'RETRO' reshade preset by NICKNAME with "Chromatic Aberration" turned off + a few tweaks.

How do you download your builds? View step-by-step tutorial here. View video explanation here.

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